Why be trained in apologetics?

If you are afraid of facing difficult questions about the Christian faith, this seminar is for you.

There are times when we may face a question about our faith that may seem difficult to answer.  Being trained in how to find and give an answer to those questions will help reduce fear while evangelizing and giving confidence to answer.

Why Be Trained For Evangelism?

Scott Dawson said in his book "Evangelism Today": "A major reason most people will not share their  faith is ignorance of what they believe."  I agree with Dawson and add that some Christians are afraid to share their faith because of not knowing what to say. It is for these reasons that I have developed this evangelism seminar/worshop. It is important to know how to clearly present the gospel to anyone God puts in your path.

If you are afraid to share your faith, this seminar is for you.

If you feel that you are not equipped to effectively share the gospel, this seminar is for you.