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In verses 1-18 of chapter 11 we see Peter explains why he had met with the Gentiles.  It is a good thing because it seemed that some Jews had believed that Jesus was just for the Jews. 

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If I were to title this study/post I would call it, "The problem of legalism and the profitability of teachability".  This title is what happens in Acts 11:1-18.

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We come to the chapter where Peter has his vision of the sheet of unclean animals being lowered down.  God tells Peter to eat and Peter refuses because he is unwilling to eat anything unclean.  God then tells him not to call anything common what He has made clean.  This was setting Peter up for what He was about to do. 

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We are skipping a chunk of Acts because it teaches some of what we have already learned about the Church.  The focus of this post is on Acts 9:26-31.  This is the story of Saul coming to Jerusalem and the church being leery to welcome him.

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Acts 6:8-8:3 deals with the persecution of the early church.  This is still an important passage, but we will skip this section since we understand from earlier passages that the Church will be persecuted.  We know turned to two characters in Philip and Simon the sorcerer.

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