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This post hosts some good and vital tools for studying the Bible. If you have any questions regarding these tools feel free to contact me.  I use all these tools in by personal Bible studies and sermon preparation.

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Versions of the Bible:

It is important to note the type of translation to use when reading and studying the Bible. 

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The average Christian along with most non-Christians do not know how to properly study the Word of God.

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There is an interesting character in the movie, ‘The Little Mermaid’.  This character is indecisive, scares easily and is kind of scattered when he tries to communicate, especially in stressful situations.  Flounder really does fit for his name.

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As I listen to the radio I hear about our political and judicial landscape and how it is in a state of change.  There are law makers and judges who are redefining the law which includes putting a muzzle on free speech and freedom of religion.

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