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In October of this 2016 Relevant Magazine published an article called 7 Unbiblical Statements Christians Believe.  They are correct with their list as none of the statements are biblical.  There is another such statement that is used by both some Christians and non-Christians that have no scriptural merit and is a dangerous statement to purport.  This is the statement: ‘Jesus accepts you as you are’.

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I have read from some atheists that faith is delusional.  I think that to make such a comment is based out of ignorance whether chosen ignorance or unknown ignorance.  Here is why I say this.  Everyone has faith.

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If you really want to know God, you will find Him.  Here are five simple points to consider as you seek to know God.
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It appears that there are many people, especially atheists, who do not understand what faith is.  Faith and belief are not the same thing.

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There are some people in this world who say that God doesn’t exist.  They want some proof for His existence.  There are many reasons to believe in the existence of God.  In this article I will look at eight of these reasons.

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