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Why Be Trained For Evangelism?

Scott Dawson said in his book "Evangelism Today": "A major reason most people will not share their  faith is ignorance of what they believe."  I agree with Dawson and add that some Christians are afraid to share their faith because of not knowing what to say. It is for these reasons that I have developed this evangelism seminar/worshop. It is important to know how to clearly present the gospel to anyone God puts in your path.

If you are afraid to share your faith, this seminar is for you and your church.

If you feel that you are not equipped to effectively share the gospel, this seminar is for you and your church.

In this Evangelism Training Event you will learn:

How to clearly communicate the gospel.

  1. About various modes and styles of Evangelism.
  2. The Do's and Don'ts of Evangelism.
  3. How to develop your testimony.
  4. How to develop your own script for sharing the gospel.

AND... much more!


Module 1: The Call to Evangelize: A Biblical Foundation

Module 2: Being an Ambassador for Christ

Module 3: What is the Gospel?

Module 4: Developing Your Script

Module 5: Modes and Methods of Evangelism

Module 6: Practice

Module 7: Presenting Your Testimony

Module 8: The Art of Tracts

Module 9: The “How To” of Evangelism

Module 10: The “Don’ts” of Evangelism

Module 11: Starting a Gospel Conversation

Module 12: Q & A

Module 13: Follow-Up

Module 14: Practice

Module 15: Church strategy for Evangelism


Workshop Options

Webinar: This is now being offered as a webinar (8 sessons in 1 hour).  To find out more select the Equipped to Evangelize Webinar from the drop menu under Seminars/Webinars.

Spark: A one day intensive A one day intensive in-class seminar covering aportion of the ‘Equipped toEvangelize’ seminar.

Ignite: This covers the fullThis covers the full‘Equipped to Evangelize’ seminar over two days.

Wild-fire: This covers the fullThis covers the full‘Equipped to Evangelize’ seminarand includes practicalevangelistic experiences over fivedays.

For additional information on each of these tracks and/or having Pastor Kevin come to your church to direct this seminar please contact us through the Contact page.

Download the free brochure to this seminar: Equipped to Evangelize.