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Why be trained in apologetics?

If you are afraid of facing difficult questions about the Christian faith, this seminar is for you and your church.

There are times when we may face a question about our faith that may seem difficult to answer.  Being trained in how to find and give an answer to those questions will help reduce fear while evangelizing and giving confidence to answer.

In this training seminar you will learn:

1) How to defend your faith.

2) Answer questions about the existence of God.

3) Understand the foundations of our faith.

4) How to be confident while defending your faith.


Module 1: Foundations

Module 2: Types of Apologetics

Module 3: Arguments for the Existence of God

Module 4: Belief Systems

Module 5: Existence of God

Module 6: Science

Module 7: Miracles

Module 8: Justice

Module 9: Questions

Module 10: Q & A


Workshop options:

Methodical: Nine weekly 1.5 hour sessions.

Mind Overload: Three day intensive seminar.


For additional information on each of these tracks and/or having Pastor Kevin come to your church to direct this seminar please contact us through the Contact page.

Download the free brochure for this seminar: Defending the Faith.